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In the distance of the capital Budapest on the Danube Bend parallel 2 toboggan runs are on the hill-side VISEGRAD Nagyvillám: one is the summer toboggan run, which is only without the snow and rain in the operation, the other is Alpine Coaster, which works all the year through each day. Against rainfall we assemble on the slide a plastic roof. (Closed only on Dec 24) all-weather toboggan let the user to actively participate in the events. Alone or with a friend, you sledding, brake or throttle, you determine your own individual driving style and length. The host himself will decide whether he drives slowly or quickly, and therefore he always comes back to sledding, regardless of short-lived Trends. The toboggan run from the castle at Visegrad 300m located between historic royal town of Esztergom and Szentendre. The two, almost 1 km long by 700 m offer paths with many turns you into a strange delight all ages.

It's a gorgeous recreation for every generations!


Summer Toboggan Run in Visegrad next to the highway 11.




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9h - 18h


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9h - 19h


Tel.: +36 26 397 397




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1-es kamera


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